About the Directors


Prerna WadhawanPRERNA WADHAWAN - MANAGING DIRECTOR of the company believes firmly in producing shows that depict the state of our world in the present times rightly encompassing today’s youth, their circumstances, joys and sorrows. Prerna Wadhawan is a graduate in Creative Writing and Film production from the University of East London and has done diploma in Film Production from New York University, U.S.A. She has produced two short films, which were acclaimed in various film festivals. The films are: "One Truth" and "Turning Point".



Ravi WadhawanRAVI B. WADHAWAN – DIRECTOR of the company brings in his vast experience from many fields and boasts the successful production of two feature films. He believes that creativity and finance go hand in hand. He was the Chairman of U.P. Film Corporation (a U.P, State Govt. Undertaking) for five years and has produced two feature films "Karm Kasallti" and "Nishan The Mark". He has also been the Chairman of Centre for Cultural Resources & Training under "Union Ministry of Culture & Tourism".