Aashik Biwi Ka



Aashik Biwi ka brings comedy and romance together in a lovable and innovative manner. It tries to bridge the gap between different generations. It is a romantic comedy that is helped and disrupted by many forces like Neeta’s (the main protagonist) mother from heaven, Yamraj and Chitragupta, and her father who has yet not reached heaven or hell.

Telecast Details:

“Aashik Biwi Ka” airs on DD National every Saturday at 9:00 p.m.

Cast and Crew :

Rajiv Verma
Upasana Singh
Neelu Kohli
Neelima Parandekar
Ameeta Nangia
Jai Neeraj
Kurush Deboo
Ridhima Tiwari
Rohan Jaywant
Praveen Yadav

Concept and story:
Deepak Prasad

Dialogue and screenplay:
Deepak Prasad

Sunil Prasad