Company Profile


SWARP FILMS believes in cinema that is successful, creative, innovative in thought, fun and commercially viable.

Our team understands that people experience the world differently varying from age, caste, religion, cultural background as well as family influences. As people, in general, we perceive our world through sensation, thought and emotion. We, at Swarp Films, believe in the art of fine-tuning each and every aspect of the human emotion. People like to see their lives shown in front of them and yet search for escapism to indulge in an environment of high fashion and glamour. It is a dichotomy of sorts where the semiotics of each and every action along with the spoken word leads to an interesting ‘perceived meaning’.

Cinema has always seemed precarious to most when the comedy films have been looked down upon by critics and critically acclaimed films not received well by the audience and the much needed box office. Today, the Indian Cinema is going through a change where unlikely on-screen couples provide a “hit” and the tried and tested formula failing miserably to pull everyone’s attention. We strive to provide a kind of cinema, which is a unique mix of both. Commercial success is as important to us as critical acclaim. We understand it is a difficult stance to take but a film above all needs to refresh us from a stressed and solitary lives and take us into a realm which looks and feels just like “our normal world” but is full of fantasy, drama and effortless glamour.

All these factors bring together an interesting mix of values that the cinema of today needs to bring forward with clarity and balance.

The team at Swarp Films always works towards achieving the highest quality of software and its presentation.

Above all Swarp Films has been formed for providing healthy and decent entertainment by producing feature films, serials and documentaries, and for giving opportunity to the new talent.