The Word Keeper



The Word-Keeper is a story about books and their power amongst us. Books should be read if they are left alone without a reader they become destructive


When Sunny, Anna and Kittu defy the laws of an ancient house, a curse becomes to overtake their lives. One night, when Sunny stumbles upon a room that changes itself, he doesn’t realize that his world will turn upside down, that he had unknowingly started an ancient curse that would envelope any sense of normality and turn into a nightmare that never ends. To sate his curiosity about the mystery of this peculiar room, he looses his friends to a parallel world of books. It is he, alone and friendless, who has to conquer his fears and bring back his friends along with fighting the curse. In this journey of self-realization, he finds unlikely friends who stand by him and nameless and endless number of enemies.

The Word-Keeper is a book full of mysterious places, terrifying and intimidating characters, along with a beautiful everlasting tale of friendship.